Sunday, 5 February 2012

A noticeable trend.

Now, Canada, I need to have a word with you. We've had our fashion differences in the past, but this is getting ridiculous. I can live with the rucksacks and the excessive amount of Roots and Abercromie tshirts. I can forgive the propensity to wear trackies all the time. I might even be able to overlook the excessively baggy trousers (which, by the way, was apparently a trend created by prisoners to indicate that they were up for a bit of backdoor fun, if you know what I mean). I can deal with all of these things, but this I cannot tolerate I've noticed that some of your residents think that it's ok to walk around wearing big, thick, thermal winter socks and these:

This is a nasty habit which cannot be allowed to continue. I've seen this look with jeans several times, and even once with leggings. I'm afraid that I cannot condone this sort of behaviour. I don't care how comfortable they may be, or that they're easy to slip on when you're just popping to the caf. You look like dickheads. Stop it. Now.

P.S. You're still not off the hook about the whole leggings as trousers thing. They're just not. End of. Full stop.

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