Friday, 24 February 2012

If it's not too much trouble,

I'd very much like to have this man and this cat in my life:

As is so often the case, I find myself in the aftermath of watching a terribly sappy and heartbreaking film of love and loss, and so I am currently in a bizarre flux between sobbing like a fool and swooning over the beauty of Ben Whishaw. I suppose one might say that I'm "swobbing", but that's a terribly ugly-sounding word.
But anyways, my point is that I just watch Bright Star, and it was quite lovely, and had a wonderful soundtrack, and had that gorgeous man you see above in it, and a cat, and reduced me to a hopelessly weeping mess. Did I mention that I'm a little bit in love with Ben Whishaw? And the cat? Yeah.

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