Monday, 13 February 2012


It's such a nauseatingly North American word, don't you think? Never in Britain would you hear someone talk about a midterm. Especially not when you're an English student. It's generally accepted that students choose English so that they can write waffly essays, and don't ever have to actually memorise anything for exam purposes. And yet here I am in Canada with pages and pages of dates and names and other such things to revise. Yes, revise. I am not studying. I am revising. Deal with it, Canadians.
So, while I'm sure most of you will be spending the evening of St. Valentine's Day enjoying the company of your loved one or miserably sobbing in front of the tv while you watch The Notebook and consume copious amounts of wine and ice cream, I have a hot date at 6pm with a 3-hour exam. It's nice to know that this February 14th I get to despair at my romantic loneliness while desperately trying to remember who wrote the score to Casablanca. Oh well, at least on Wednesday I can go to Loblaws and buy stacks of reduced price chocolate.,

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