Friday, 24 February 2012

And while we're on the subject of Bens that I'm in love with...

Not you, Teague, although I do love you very much. <3
No, the Ben in question is the wonderful Ben Kling, whose name the more observant stalkers among you might recognise as the one behind those lol-worthy dictator valentines from my St. Valentine's Day post. Just look at him. Look. At. Him. He's just so pretty. And his blog makes me giggle. And he sings. His cover of Toxic is just wonderful, as is his song "Monkey in a Suit" (both of which can be listened to here).
And yes, I'm aware that I'm shamelessly plugging some random guy on the internet, but he's cute, and I find him entertaining, and I thought you might do too.
And I kinda love him. There is also that.
I'm not a crazy fangirl. Honest.
*shifty eyes* 

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