Thursday, 16 February 2012

Look readers...

I have nails!!
I realise that for most of you, this is a seemingly banal announcement, but those of me who know me well will know just how much of an achievement this actually is.
Since acquiring nails, I've become somewhat obsessed with painting them and buying cheap nail varnish, but such is my inability to sit still and leave things alone that it only takes a day or two to pick it all off again.
But yeah, I wanted to share my achievement with you, because I am a six-year-old. Look Mummy! Look what I did! You get the idea.
I promise to be more exciting soon. My fellow Welshies and I are invading Toronto this weekend, so I'll have pictures and such to show you next week.
But for now, here's a video of Stephen Fry being wonderfully hilarious:

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