Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Works.

This blog post is dedicated to Brittany and Nicole, who have just taken me out for what was possibly the best meal I've ever had.
Think of every possible combination of burger topping you could have, put them all on a menu, and you've got the Works. There were literally over 70 different types of burger you could get. It's amazing. And the sweet potato chips were amazing. And the onion rings were amazing. And the Oreo milkshake was the most amazing thing I've ever had. I was generally just amazed. And the restaurant itself was so cool. The salt and pepper shakers were light bulbs and the drinks were served in measuring jugs. It's just amazing. I'm going to stop using the word "amazing" now.
The other amazing (ok, maybe just once more) place here is Forever 21, where I may or may not have spent lots of money on pretty things yesterday... If I had the money, I would just buy the entire shop.
Can't think of much else to say. My week was pretty standard, just going to classes and whatnot. I've pretty much become addicted to Tim Hortons, hence my previous blog post. I haven't actually fallen in love with a lovely guy named Tim, unfortunately. I realise now that unless you understand both the scale of Tim Hortons in Canada and my weird sense of humour, you wouldn't get that last blog post, so apologies. But yes, my sixth form coffee addiction which somewhat subsided last year has once again reared it's caffeiney head. Pretty soon I'll be running purely on coffee, cream cheese bagels, pizza, cucumber and pink lemonade, with the odd Beaver Tail thrown in for good measure.
That's about it for now. Life in Canada is lovely, but not wildly exciting. Friday nights are becoming pretty good, and making the long week of classes well worth it. All musicy stuff is still wonderful. We're doing some Lauridsen in choir, which, as anyone who knows my choral music tastes well, makes Hannah a very happy bunny.
I now need to lie down for a while and bask in just how full of wonderful food I am. :)

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