Friday, 9 September 2011

James Joyce and Basketball.

So, I acquired me some pep and went to the basketball game...
Look at me. I'm so spirited and peppy and Ravens-loving. The game was pretty good. I chanted and cheered and got a little bit bored when we started to lose, but perked up again in the final quarter when we were winning again. :) My one problem with the game, however, was that in true British fashion, I felt like we should have been at least applauding or acknowledging the other team's achievements, just to be polite. They were from somewhere in the US, and had very few, if any supporters with them. Everytime they scored the room just washed over with awkward silence and a general air of disapproval. I found it a bit unsettling. I'm clearly too polite and British and not competitive enough. I'll have to work on that. I have, however, got the chanting down, although my low and (relatively) well-spoken British tones aren't ideal for enthusiastic yelling. And the chants have been stuck in my head all day. Another good part of the game was when Rodney appeared. He's a babe <3
The game was followed by an outdoor screening of Toy Story 3, and as much as I tried to convince myself to be a responsible student and go to bed, the thought of Spanish Buzz was too much to resist, so I went and sat in the cold until gone midnight eating candyfloss (NOT cotton candy) and drinking pop. It was fun. :)
Getting up for my 8.30 class was less fun. The class was Aboriginal Literature. I think it's going to be pretty good, and it's not something I'm ever likely to get the chance to study at home, so I'm looking forward to it :) The one problem is that I'm the only non-Canadian in the class, and I'm clearly going to have massive gaps in my knowledge when it comes to general info on Canadian and Aboriginal history, so I'll have to turn to my good friend Wikipedia for some background reading.
Then came the big one. James Joyce. I'm still quite sceptical of the class, especially since the current plan is to spend four weeks on Finnegans Wake. Four weeks. It's going to be tough, but the professor's a little bit awesome and isn't some great Joyce expert, so can relate to our overwhelming confusion, rather than looking at us like idiots. We'll give it another week, and we'll see how I feel after a few chapters of Portrait.
Other events of note include my lovely choir audition, in which the new director marvelled at the Wesh national anthem and was generally absolutely lovely. :) I also went to the pasta bar in the Caf today. You pick what you want in it and they make there and then. It's amazing.
Tonight we're going to investigate downtown a bit, and just enjoy not having anything to do, which I know won't last long.

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