Sunday, 11 September 2011

Books are expensive.

Today I spent over $250 on books, and I still haven't bought all the books I need for this term. Searching for discounted/used books, only to find that even then you're still paying $50 for one book is pretty soul-destroying, as is paying $35 for 6 Shakespeare plays, when you know fine well that you've got a nice little 3-volume collected works of Shakespeare sitting happily on your bookshelf on the other side of the Atlantic. Money aside, however, I do love books, and the fact that I now have more than two on my bookshelves is making me quite happy. :)
In other news, I've officially been here a week! It feels like longer, to be honest, because I feel like I've done a lot, even though nothing is really springing to mind when I ask myself the question "What have you done this week?"
On Friday night Jess and I hit downtown Ottawa withmy suitemate Brittany and her friends. We went to a classy establishment named "Tila Tequila" which is apparently the most promiscuous bar in Ottawa according to a delightful chap named David who took it upon himself to strike up a conversation with Jess. "I'm not saying everyone here is cheating on their other half, but if you were going to, this is the place to do it." He was quite the charmer. It was actually a pretty good club, and we danced the night away. We were then dragged out for some standard post-club fast food. Brittany told us that we had to try Poutine, a special Canadian dish. Poutine, as it turns out, consists of chips, cheese and gravy. It's hardly groundbreaking stuff. It was, however, a good end to a good night. :)
Yesterday we ventured out to Walmart again, which was less stressful this time. I bought cutlery and a plate and food and a $9 hairdryer. They had Ben & Jerry's for $3.33. This made me very happy. I later ate said Ben & Jerry's with a fork, because Walmart didn't have any spoons for sale. I also purchased a Canadian cell phone, so I can now keep in touch with my multitudes of Canadian friends. So far I have 5 numbers in my new phone. One of them's mine...
We also discovered the best place on earth yesterday: Bulk Barn. It's like a pic 'n' mix sweet shop but with everything. Sweets galore, chocolate, flour, sugar, salt, tea, pasta, rice, dried fruit etc all just in big plastic bins, and you just scoop out as much as you want/need into a bag and pay according to weight. For anyone who likes to bake (such as myself, and many of my friends from home) it was heaven. They even had an entire section of cake decorations, including large quantities of edible glitter in every colour imaginable. It was AMAZING. They also sold pinatas in the shape of nearly every major Disney/cartoon character. And they had a few shelves of British goods, such as gingers nuts, Galaxy, Yorkie and Penguins. Since I am incapable of resisting Penguins, for both their chocolatey, biscuity goodness and their unquestionable wit, I had to buy them, even though they were $5. Bulk Barn also allowed me to acquire tea of various types, so it pleased me greatly. :)
Tomorrow is Monday, which means I don't have any classes :) It also means I'll actually have to do some reading :( Got to make the most of all that money I've spent, and somewhere along the line I might even become a good student. Emphasis on the word "might".

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