Thursday, 8 September 2011


Today, my satchel and I went to our first classes. I set off at 10.25, giving myself plenty of time to grab some food and find the building for my 11am class. Turns out the class was actually at 11.30. Silly Hannah. With an extra half an hour on my hands, I found myself, Starbucks in hand, sat under a tree in the Quad. Yes. The Quad. I felt thoroughly North American.
Class no. 1 was Shakespearean Drama. I think I'm going to like this class. The prof seems lovely, although he basically worships Shakespeare, which, as anyone who took the first-year Shakespeare module in Exeter will know, is a rather different attitude from the skepticism with which we were advised to view Shakespeare. Nonetheless, he's clearly very passionate, and I love Shakespeare, and it'll be nice to view the great bard from a different perspective.
I promptly ambled my way across campus for History of Ethics, which was simply a brief introduction to the course and then we were let out after half an hour. Unexpected hour-long breaks are wonderful things. Anyways, that class looks set to be really interesting, and I finally get to study some philosophy, so I'm happy. :)
Final class of the day was British Literatures II. For someone on an exchange in Canada, I still seem to be doing an awful lot of British classes. Oh well. Stick to what you know and all that. Another class that I think I'll enjoy. Not quite as enthused by it as Shakespeare, but we'll see. We're covering a lot of texts, so it'll be a lot of reading but also a lot of breadth and variety, which I like. :)
Tomorrow brings Aboriginal Literature at 8.30am (kill me now) and a three-hour class on James Joyce deceptively named "20th Century Fiction". The jury's still out on whether or not I'm going to stick with that one, but we shall see.
Before that, however, I have a choir audition, for which I have no music, so I'm going to sing them the Welsh national anthem, because I'm awesome. Then later tonight I'm going to watch a basketball game. Don't laugh. I'm actually going to go, and attempt to enjoy it. Somewhere, deep down inside of me, there is a sports fan waiting to emerge. I'm sure of it. Kind of. Ish. Not really. We'll see. I can but try.

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  1. Good luck with the audition, I know you'll ace it with your awesomeness! :)
    Hope you're having a great time already :) xxx