Thursday, 3 November 2011

The little things make all the difference.

Yesterday was a blah day. Today, until 4pm, was a blah today. I was tired. I was grumpy. I woke up late on both days. Classes dragged on seemingly forever. I wasn't even that enthusiastic about choir yesterday (except the Lauridsen. Always enthusiastic about Lauridsen). For whatever reason, I wasn't a happy bunny. I blame hormones. I'm still a teenager, therefore I still can, or at least will, blame hormones for everything.
And then I got home today, and Skyped for a whole two hours with the wonderful person that is Gemma (go read her blog; it's awesome) who is currently living la vie francaise and that conversation cheered me right up.
Then I went to orchestra. I left early so that I could pick up some things in the shopping centre which is conveniently next to bus stop that I have to get off at. During my shopping ventures I encoutered a random 60-ish-year-old Canadian bloke with whom I had a good 20/30 minute conversation about Europe and how wonderful it is and how North America is rubbish and Europe is where it's at, even though the economy is falling apart. He looked at me with genuine concern and asked me, "You haven't moved here permanently, have you?!" He gave a great sigh of relief when I told him that I was only here for a year. He told me all about his travels in Europe and how he wants to retire and live in Spain. The conversation reminded me of when we go to Ireland and my mum has a conversation with someone in the street. Once the conversation was over, we'd ask "Mum, who was that?" and the answer would almost invariably be, "I've absolutely no idea". The conversation was completely random and completely lovely, and all stemmed from me buying a few cans of perry (imported from Bristol <3).
Orchestra undoubtedly added to my good mood, as Sibelius and Faure always do, and we finished early, so I ended up catching an earlier bus, and who should I see at the bus stop but my suitemate Nicole, whom I haven't seen in aaaaages, so we had a good catch-up.
And I know, my dear reader, that you probably don't really care about the boring details of my day, but it just goes to show that the littlest things have the ability to turn your day around. :)


  1. I also bought processed cheese and Maltesers, which make me even happier. :) <3