Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A few photos...

Just to prove that Canada and I really do exist:
The Canada hat, unfortunately, is not mine. It belongs to Kate, who refused to have her photo taken with the hat. Naturally, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to be photographed wearing a maple leaf-shaped hat.

 If memory serves, we spent a lot of the game discussing the disastrous effects of terrorists causing the massive TV screens to fall. We were watching sport: we had to entertain ourselves somehow!
Enthusiastic about hockey much?
 Go Sens! Also a lovely picture of the amazing paint-job in my room...
 More than ready for the Canadian winter, even though it still hasn't snowed!!
 It was bonfire night. We couldn't not celebrate.
 Anyone for a duel? Stupefy!
 Pretti :)
We even got some Canadians to help us celebrate gunpowder and treason :)

The only non-photographed highlight of a weekend was mine and Jessica's fail of a night out, which involved running around the Market for a while looking for a place that I'm pretty sure doesn't actually exist. My cider-addled brain was confused and giggly, so it was a highly entertaining experience. We eventually gave up and got back on the bus and came home.
Joyce class was, as ever, the higlight of last week. Between the filthy subject matter, Travis' cockney accent, a ridiculous southern American falsetto damsel in distress and a white hot chocolate with more whipped cream than you can imagine, I enjoyed it more than anyone should ever enjoy 3 hours of Joyce. Oh, and have I mentioned that the professor is wonderful? For those who care about my education (hello Mummy and Daddy <3), you'll be glad to know that my half-hearted Brit-Lit redraft got me from a C- to an A-. Given that the two essays aren't really that different, I'm not really sure how I managed that one.
Well that's about all the excitement I've got for you. Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a tub of Cookie Dough and a bag of Maltesers in the kitchen, and they've both got my name on them.
Ciao. <3

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