Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Back to reality. Again.

So, I know that I still haven't said much about my travels. I suck; I know. For those of you who have me on facebook, you can see my pictures there. I tried to post links to the albums (which are public, so anyone can see them) on this blog, but it kinda failed. I dunno.
But anyways, that's all old news now, because I went home. I know, I was already home, but I went to my other home: Exeter. My goodness, it was good to be back. It was Arts Week, so naturally I was handed a violin and told to play in concerts. I saw my wonderful, wonderful friends. I was welcomed back in a variety of amazing and hilarious ways. For the first time, I got to see campus as not a building site, and it is glorious. I went to all of the places that I've missed dearly. I got drunk. A lot. I had the most spectacularly wonderful 10 days, and I could not have asked for more.
And now, I'm back in Newport, where I have to think about jobs and money and driving and moving house, and I really cannot wait for this summer to be over, so I can get my Welsh/Irish/Canadian/Devonian arse back to one of the many places that I call home, and live there, in a house, with my own room and my own bed and a chance to be part of Exeter life again, rather than a fleeting visitor. Oh, and I'll be finishing my degree, but never mind that.
Exeter, it was simply divine to see you again. I'll be back soon; I promise; and this time, I'll be back for good. <3

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