Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Yes, lovely readers, I am back in the wonderful land of Bassaleg, and the sun is shining.
After two wonderful (and slightly stressful) days back in Ottawa spent with three amazing Canadians (<3), I hopped on a plane with way too much hand luggage and a seriously overweight suitcase. Apparently looking dishevelled, tired, and on the verge of crying makes airport staff pity you and not make you pay for things.
On the plane they gave us dinner at, like, midnight, which displeased me, but never mind. I watched Lady and the Tramp, so all was well. I then got off the plane, and onto a bus. I then got off the bus, and found out that my train was cancelled (Boooo) but got on the next train. I then arrived in sunny Newport and, as you would expect, went stright home. Oh, no, wait, I actually went to a cello recital. My sister's to be precise. We only just made it. And then we went for dinner. Given that I'd probably had about 8 hours of sleep over the last 3 nights combined, I was amazed that I could actually function as a human being. But Rachel's recital was amazing, and she is the most bootiful cellist in the world, as far as I'm concerned.
But yes, I finally made it home, and collapsed in a heap. And had 15 hours of sleep. Life is good.
I promise to update you soon on my travels and show you pictures and such, but for now I have about 3 weeks of tv to catch up on, so blogging will have to wait.

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