Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Guess what. I'm in America. Like, actually in America, not just an airport. It's pretty exciting.
I knew that I was in America as soon as we reached our first post-border bus stop, Buffalo, because a guy got on the bus and, among other hilariously enthusiastic things, said the words "Can I get an AMEN?" and someone actually gave him one. It was a special moment in my life.
I got spectacularly lost in DC when I arrived, and I mean spectacularly. I was supposed to head northwest and I ended up going southeast. Fail. And it was ridiculously humid and I was wearing a hoody. Extra fail.
Since finding the hostel, however, I have engaged in such typical American pastimes as drinking Starbucks and buying Ben & Jerry's. Since I am in a country where Ben & Jerry's is cheaper and comes in far more varieties than in Britain or Canada (although, "Oh Cone-ada" will forever live in my heart), I feel obliged to try at least one new flavour per city. DC's flavour is Cake Batter. This can only end well.
Not much more to say. I had a lovely few days in Kingston with Joanna and her family/friends/dog, although I did have to resist yelling "STELLAAAAAAAAH" in a drunken, lustful, Streetcar-esque manner everytime I called the dog.
I'd also like to take a moment to express my love for the Divertimento orchestra and its members. The final concerts were wonderful and I shall miss them dearly.
Tomorrow I'm going museum-hopping, because free museums are good museums. Will probs go and see my homeboy Barrack at some point. Please casually ignore the fact that I just used the word "homeboy".
The only other news is that I missed seeing the Queen in Exeter today, but, y'know, I'll get over it. I'll buy myself an "I <3 Obama" tshirt and pretend to be a royalty-hating American.

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