Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'm no longer in Canada.

Therefore, it seems slightly ridiculous to continue writing in a blog called "hannahjanegoestocanada". And so, this is goodbye. I'm not hanging up my blogging shoes, but it seems that this particular blog must come to an end. I like that this blog will simply exist as a stand-alone journal of year-abroad-ness. As for the rest of my thoughts, I think it's time to utilise the tumblr account that I created a while ago, which has so far only been used for the purposes of stalking other tumblr users. I know, I know, being on tumblr makes me such a hipster. What of it?
So, yeah, it's been fun. I'd like to say a particular thanks to my Russian fanbase, who have continued to stick by me, for some unknown reason.
It's a sad farewell; I know. But, in time, the wounds will heal, and we'll move on with our lives.
Goodbye, Canada. Goodbye, year abroad. Goodbye, blog. Hello, 3 months in Newport. Oh joy.

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