Monday, 23 January 2012

Things that make me happy.

Processed cheese, L'Oreal nail polish for only two dollars and watching Anonymous in a pretty independent cinema.
Aside from the whole "promoting the idea that Oxford wrote Shakespeare's plays even though there isn't anywhere near enough evidence to support this claim and most scholars have rendered this argument invalid" thing, it's a rather wonderful film. And it was an entire two hours and ten minutes of listening to good old-fashioned British accents, which brings joy to the heart of a lone Brit in an icy sea of Canadian voices. It also has some rather lovely music in it, which did a lot to enhance the mood of the film, until I realised that the mood was being created by the music and started analysing it. I'm so much of a muso geek it hurts sometimes.
And even if nothing else had been good about the film (although I did find it to be quite wonderful) all would have been forgiven anyways, because I got to see a half-naked Jamie Campbell Bower recite Shakespeare. *swoon*
Lucky, lucky Ginny Weasley. *sigh*

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