Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Education, education, education.

So in the gushing sentimentality of my last post, I failed to mention that I'm back in Ottawa and have been thrust back into education with great gusto (the gusto being on education's part, not mine). The flight back was uneventful, aside from the random encounter with my Shakespeare prof from last term who apparently spent most of his break in Italy. Alright for some. I watched Beauty and the Beast on the flight, which made me very happy :)
New term means new classes, and a series of unfortunate kerfuffles means that I'm now taking five classes instead of four, and I have to leave choir (MASSIVE sad face) because apparently I'm just a stupid Brit who couldn't possibly know anything about American history compared to Canadians (because clearly proximity to a country increases your knowledge of it) and so even though the pre-requisite clearly states that you only need first-year English, my inferior knowledge and I have to take a second-year American Lit class in order to take a third year American Culture class, even though my GCSE history bears far more relevence to said American Culture class than the aforementioned American Lit class. Rant over.
So my classes this term are as follows:
  • Brit Lit - continued from last term. Still boring, but yesterday we listened to Paolo Nutini, so I can't complain. And we're doing the Romantics and Austen and Dickens and Oscar Wilde and other such wonderful people, which is a marked improvement on an entire term of Pope and Swift.
  • Shakespearean Drama - also continued from last term, but with a new professor who is an absolute babe. I've never been one to use the word "hunk," but in this case it is entirely appropriate. Sadly, he's married. I checked. As did every other girl in the class. And possibly some of the guys (the class has a lot of theatre people in it, not that I'm stereotyping).
  • American Lit - ok, so I moaned about having to take it because I have to quit choir, but it's pretty good and the prof is both interesting and somewhat entertaining, as well as actually giving us relevent information. And it's all post-civil war, so none of the boring old stuff.
  • American Culture - started that off with a bang with paedophilia. And you think I'm joking. I managed a quite spectacular coffee-juggling act in that class today, providing much entertainment for those around me. Apologies to the girl whose shoes now have coffee on them. Lots of books that I really want to read, which means that I might actually do the reading for this class - I'm already ahead (be impressed).
  • Film Music - the last film on the syllabus is Shrek. 'Nuff said.
Perhaps my biggest mistake this term was the decision to take two three-hour night classes, both on days when I have other classes earlier on. While this preserves my free Mondays and makes Fridays something of a doddle, I fear that I might just die mid-week, but we shall see. I've survived thus far. On a positive note, I've actually made some friends in my classes, which is not to say that we'll be partying hard together every weekend, but I've established something of a network of people with whom I share various classes (I had a few last term, but not many) so I'll actually have people to talk to. The fact that some of them are of the rather attractive male variety is just the icing on the cake. This is also very useful as it has come to mine and Brittany's attention that now that Simone is back halfway across the world (miss you, little one <3), we don't really have any friends...
And now that the boring stuff about education has been documented, here for your viewing pleasure is a picture of me in a ridiculous hat...
And, just for giggles, here's a picture of Mark Twain holding a kitten.
That is all. I've got some Hamlet to read.

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