Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Welcome to my blog.

Come in. Have a seat. A cup of tea maybe? How about a biscuit? I'm afraid I've run out of chocolate Hobnobs, so you'll have to settle for some Custard Creams I found at the back of the cupboard.
Now, sitting comfortably? Good.
Hello :)
I'm Hannah, and blogging confuses me.
Now at this point you're probably wondering a) How confusing can blogging be? and b) If blogging confuses this poor simpleton so much, why has she started a blog?
And very good questions they are too.
Now, I'm not a complete idiot. I understand how blogs work. You type, publish, and the blog is posted for all to see. It's more the "blogosphere" that confuses me. I used to think that a blog was simply like an online journal, a place to jot down thoughts on a daily/weekly/monthly/whenever I can be arsed basis, and it didn't really mean a lot. Well, apparently there's more to it than that. The blogging community is huge, from what I can tell. My limited experience with blogs already shows great attention to design and content and theme and target audiences. People can do blog swaps and join groups to connect with similar bloggers. This whole blogging thing is huge, and worldwide (well duh, it's the world wide web) and for a 19-year-old English student with the attention span of a labrador, it's all a bit too much. And since I'm not an aspiring write/photographer/artist trying to publicise herself across the vastness of the internet, I trust you'll forgive me for taking my blog back to basics: me writing stuff about what I'm doing or thinking on my adventures.
Which brings me to your second question: Why is this girl writing a blog in the first place?
Well, it would appear that in a mere 11 days (eek!) I'm jetting off to Canada for a year. Very exciting, I know. And since I'll be spending the year studying in a new country, continent and culture, it seemed appropriate to create this little blog as a journal of sorts, so that I can record what I'm doing and seeing, and so that anyone who cares can keep track of me on my transatlantic adventures.
But I warn you now; I am not a writer. Don't get me wrong: I'm perfectly capable of stringing a sentence together, but I'm not a maticulous planner or scrutinous paragraph-former. My blog posts will not be perfectly crafted with tasteful eloquence. I will write whatever pops into my head as and when it does.
After all, if I spend too much time writing about my adventures, there won't be any to write about.


  1. hah well at least it can't be as low brow as mine :) see you in Canada little lady!

  2. Your blog has a "The Little Polar Bear" video. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is more high-brow than that :)

  3. I read this entire thing in your voice. Your exact voice. It's stuck in my head.

  4. Good for you. Now, who are you and how do you know what my voice sounds like?