Tuesday, 24 April 2012

It's oh so quiet.

Shh. Shh.
It's unnervingly quiet in this room right now.
Obnoxiously loud roommate left a few days ago, kindly leaving behind a camel-shaped toothbrush holder, a few bowls, a fridge-full of food and a mirror in the kitchen.
Nicole and Brittany left today. The only thing that kept me from sobbing uncontrollably before my exam was the promise that Brittany will be here when I get back to Ottawa in 3 and a half weeks.
Speaking of my exam, it was my last, and that's just about the only thing in its favour. Well, no. It wasn't awful. Like, it's not going to completely cancel out all of my A-/As that I've been getting. But it wasn't great. There were plenty of things that I did not know and plenty of films that I had not watched, but not so much as to render it a total disaster.
Ah well, the main point is that my second year of university is OVER. Like, what? I officially have one year left as an undergraduate student. Madness, I tell you. Not Sparta. Madness.
I'm now faced with the ordinate task of packing. I've started, don't worry, but still my room looks like it has more stuff in it than I've ever owned. Ever. My walls, however, are bare, which makes me very sad. I woke up this morning and didn't know where I was. Thie shade of beige really isn't an exciting thing to wake up to.
In other news, I went to a house party on Friday night, at which I played beer pong and flip cup for the first (and probably last) time in my life, and spent a lot of time saying, "What's going on?! I'm foreign and I don't get it!" Never let it be said that I'm a quiet drunk. I also fell asleep cuddling a dog called Guinness, so we can conclude that it was a good night.
Last night we went to The Works, which is always good times. By "we" I mean Brittany (roommate), Mike, Kalina (both live on my floor), Chris (Kalina's boyfriend and animal-wrestler) and me (see, I told you I have friends. And now they're gone. Sigh). We cruised around Ottawa with the windows down blasting Ke$ha, Carly Rae Jepsen and other musical delights, and engaged in such intellectual discussions as "what animal do I look like?" Apparently I'm a koala.
And now, a day of frantic revision and a stupid 7pm exam, I find myself alone in my room for the last time. I decided to watch Glee to avoid packing, only to find that the episode was all about leaving, so it didn't leave me particularly gleeful.
But alas, I have many adventures ahead of me.
But before that, there is packing and cleaning to be done.

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